Welcome Dr. Manisha Patel, Kendall Hupp, Samantha Hollands, and Zed Lu!

Some new faces have appeared in the lab over the last few months! We’re excited to have Dr. Manisha Patel to join the group to help us understand the biosynthesis of cyanobactins. Kendall started off as a 4th year thesis student in our lab then jumped straight into a MSc where she will study substrate specificities of PhnY* and PhnZ. Samantha Hollands was a student in my Physical Organic Chemistry class (Chem 311) last fall and is currently volunteering in the lab to work on the biosynthesis of sulfamated natural products. Zed Lu is completing his 4th year thesis project over the summer, which involves the ligand specificities of CP-lyase PhnD proteins.

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