Book Chapters

4. Kamat, S. S.*, Singh, S., Rajendran, A., Gama, S. R., and Zechel, D. L*. (2020) Enzymatic Strategies for the Catabolism of Organophosphonates. In Comprehensive Natural Products III, 3rd Ed. (Begley, T. P., and Liu, H.-W. eds), DOI: 9780081026908.

3. Ulrich, EC; Kamat, SS*; Hove-Jensen, B*; Zechel DL*. Methylphosphonic Acid Biosynthesis and Catabolism in Pelagic Archaea and Bacteria. Methods in Enzymology 2018605, 351-426.

I started reading Methods in Enzymology when I was working on haemoglobin as a summer student with Ron Kluger (U of T). It never occurred to me that 25 years later I would have the opportunity to contribute a chapter!  The theme of this volume of MIE, edited by Bradley Moore (Scripps, UCSD) is Biosynthetic Enzymes of Marine Natural Products / Marine Biotechnology. I had an all-star team writing the brunt of this chapter: Emily Ulrich of methylphosphonic acid synthase fame (van der Donk lab), Siddhesh Kamat, who was first to reach the top of Mount CP-Lyase during his PhD studies with Frank Raushel, and longtime collaborator Bjarne Hove-Jensen, the master of the phn operon.

2. Séguin J and Zechel DL*, “The Di-Iron Oxygenase PhnZ” in the Encyclopedia of Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry, Messerschmidt, A., Ed., John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. 2016.

A review of recent work by our group and others on the carbon-phosphorus bond cleaving enzyme PhnZ. (PDF of chapter: eibc2443).

1. Zechel DL, Withers SG*: Glycosyl Transferase Mechanisms. In Comprehensive Natural Products Chemistry. Edited by Poulter CD: Elsevier; 1999, vol 5, pp. 279-314.