DLZ visits U of T Chemistry

On March 10th DLZ was thrilled to give a seminar to his alma mater in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Toronto. His fascination with enzyme mechanisms began during his undergraduate studies at U of T. A big thank you goes to Prof. Andrew Woolley for the invitation!

Welcome Becky!

It is a pleasure to welcome Becky Lo as our new PhD student. Becky hails from Laurentian University in Sudbury where she completed an MSc in Chemistry studying the metal ion dependence of the anthrax lethal factor (!). She will be looking at less lethal enzymes involved in phosphonate catabolism for her PhD.

Welcome Ola!

Ola Pasternak, a recently minted Queen’s Chemistry graduate, has joined the group as a MSc student. She will be investigating the biosynthesis of fluorinated natural products. Welcome aboard Ola!

Welcome Sophia!

Sophia-Klara Gassenschmidt from the University of Freiburg will be hanging out in the Zechel lab for 5 weeks to get some experience in enzyme catalysis and natural product biosynthesis. Welcome Sophia!

DLZ attends the MNPC in Halifax

DLZ had the privilege of being the keynote speaker to open the 8th annual Marine Natural Products Conference at Dalhousie University (August 15th-17th). This is a grad student focused meeting that is held by the East Coast natural products community. Many thanks to David Jakeman of Dalhousie for the invitation to participate in this fantastic meeting.